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Sewer Clog Repair & Leak Detection
in Solon & Beachwood, OH & the surrounding area.

Fix Your Clogged Drains & Leaky Faucets

Is your vanity sink slow to drain? Have you found a puddle of water but aren't sure where it's coming from? Are there water stains on your ceiling? Free Flow Plumbing, LLC offers leak detection and clog repair services to ensure that your pipes and fixtures are functioning properly.

An active leak can cause major problems, not only with your plumbing but with wood and drywall throughout your house. It's important to take care of leaks quickly to prevent possible moisture damage and mold. Call 216-644-5670 today to schedule leak detection in the Solon & Beachwood, OH & the surrounding area.

3 Signs Your Pipes May Be Clogged

Sometimes, a leak is caused by improper threading between pipes. In other instances, the problem could be a faulty seal. You need a professional, experienced plumber to check out your leak to determine the cause. You should call us to deal with a clog when:
  1. Your water drains slowly
  2. More than one drain appears to be clogged
  3. Water overflows in your toilet

We'll check your pipes to make sure it's an isolated leak and not a problem that affects more fixtures and pipes in your home. Contact Free Flow Plumbing for clog detection and repairs in Solon & Beachwood, OH & the surrounding area.